Israeli Army assumes operational control of Rafah Crossing in Gaza

NEW DELHI: The Israeli army announced on Tuesday that it had assumed “operational control” of the Rafah border crossing between the Gaza Strip and Egypt, specifically the Palestinian side. The main entry point for delivering assistance to the besieged territory, the Gazan side of the Rafah crossing, was successfully taken over by IDF personnel last […]

The Gaza quagmire: Hamas’ tactics to confound Israel

NEW DELHI: In a calculated move to hold off Israeli forces and negotiate a ceasefire on its terms, Palestinian militant group Hamas has reportedly prepared for an extended conflict according to sources close to the group’s leadership. Unnamed sources disclosed that Hamas has stockpiled weapons, missiles, as well as essential supplies such as food and medical […]

Exclusive Interview With Eurasia Group Chairman On Israel-Hamas War

The New Indian spoke to Eurasia group chairman Cliff Kupchan over the ongoing conflict between Israel and Hamas and discussed several key issues such as India growing as the leader of Global South, PM Modi’s comments being surprisingly sympathetic towards Israel and US policy, Russia and China’s role in fuelling violence and conflict in Middle […]

Meet Yahya Sinwar: After 24 years in Israeli jail, he led Hamas attacks

As the conflict between Israel and Hamas escalates, one person has become a top target for the Israel Defense Forces (IDF). Referred to by the IDF as ‘The Butcher of Khan Younis,’ Hamas leader Yahya Sinwar is now among the most wanted criminals in Israel. The IDF declared Yahya Sinwar a direct enemy of the […]

Watch: Hamas militants attack Israeli homes, satellite images reveal war’s devastating impact

The Israel Defence Forces (IDF) presented stark satellite images illustrating the before-and-after effects of 'Hamas' terror attacks on October 7.

World Dairy Summit: When To Inseminate Cow? This ₹3500 Collar Will Alert Owner

A Gujarat-based dairy equipment production company has developed a smart system by using artificial intelligence and the Internet of Things that lets farmers know when to inseminate their cows.