Human Rights Watch.

China’s mosque closure campaign extends beyond Xinjiang: Report

NEW DELHI: The Human Rights Watch report released on Wednesday reveals that the Chinese government has extended its mosque closure campaign beyond Xinjiang, a region long accused of persecuting Muslim minorities. The report, relying on public documents, satellite images, and witness testimonies, disclosed that authorities have shuttered mosques in the northern Ningxia region and Gansu […]

Israel used banned chemical weapon in Gaza: Rights Watch

Human Rights Watch officials highlighted that the military operations with white phosphorus were putting civilians of Gaza and Lebanon at “unnecessary risk” NEW DELHI: The international human rights organisation Human Rights Watch accused the Israeli government of employing the banned chemical weapon White Phosphorus on civilians during the ongoing conflict between Israel and Palestine. Officials […]

WATCH | Child abuse horror: Delhi’s Pilot Couple Burn 10-Year-Old Domestic Help With Hot Electric Iron

In a shocking incident in Dwarka, Delhi, a distress call at 9am alerted authorities about the mistreatment of a child domestic help. Investigations revealed that a 10-year old girl had been employed in this role for the past two months by a couple, subjecting her to alleged beatings. The harrowing truth was unveiled by a […]