hijab controversy

Govt should ban hijab in public schools

By adopting a neutral and secular dress code, schools can create a level playing field where students are recognized for their intellect, talents, and character rather than their religious affiliations.

Is PFI The New SIMI? Role OF Fundamentalist Organisation In Instigating Hijab Protest Under Probe

Contrary to what sympathisers claim, the ongoing Hijab protests in Karnataka and other parts of the country are allegedly being sponsored and propped by Popular Front of India (PFI) and its student’s wing Campus Front of India (CFI). Intelligence agencies investigating the tail of the hidden support behind this sudden eruption of protests for wearing hijab […]

‘Hashtags, PFI link, political patronage’: The inside story of ‘Hijab’ controversy

In the wake of simmering ‘hijab’ controversy, which kicked off in Karnataka, a thread exposing the alleged conspiracy behind it has gone viral on Twitter. A verified Twitter user, Vijay Patel, put out several tweets in a thread which alleges that the student wing of a radical outfit Popular Front of India (PFI) orchestrated the […]

EXPLAINED: Karnataka’s ‘Hijab’ Row That Has Swept The State

The ‘Hijab’ row that kicked off a couple of months ago in the Government Pre-University college in Udupi in Karnataka has now spread across the state. Following the unrest in different parts of the state on Tuesday, the government declared a three-day holiday in colleges, universities and high schools above ninth standard. “I appeal to […]