Hamas terror group

Israel had prior knowledge of Hamas attack plan over a year ago: Report

NEW DELHI: Around eight weeks into the conflict between Israel and Hamas, a recent report indicates that Israeli officials had received documentation outlining the planned Hamas attack a year before its occurrence. Moreover, the report suggests that the Israeli authorities dismissed the documents, considering them ‘overly ambitious’ and something deemed ‘impossible for Hamas’ to execute. […]

EXCLUSIVE | Dismantle Hamastan using air power: Ex IDF chief on Gaza invasion

NEW DELHI: Israel initiated preparations for a ground incursion into Gaza shortly after facing an attack on October 7. This attack was in response to a surprise land-air-water assault by Hamas militants. On Friday, the Israeli military confirmed that troops and tanks conducted a brief operation in northern Gaza overnight, engaging with Hamas fighters and […]

EXCLUSIVE | Hamas raping, burning children alive: Israeli envoy

The Israel-Palestine war commenced on October 7, with a surprise assault by Hamas-led militant groups. The attack included the launch of over 5,000 rockets from the Hamas-controlled Gaza Strip, the breach of a border security fence by thousands of armed Hamas fighters, indiscriminate gunfire targeting Israeli civilians and soldiers, and a coordinated land, sea, and […]

Revisionist Russia fuelling war in Middle East: Eurasia Chairman Cliff Kupchan | EXCLUSIVE

Israel and Hamas are currently engaged in a conflict following surprise cross-border raids by the Palestinian militant group from Gaza. These raids resulted in over 1,400 casualties and hostage situations. In response, Israel conducted extensive airstrikes in the territory, according to Palestinian authorities, resulting in thousands of casualties. The situation has left many residents in […]

Biden’s barbeque amid Israel conflict sparks social media outrage

NEW DELHI: President Joe Biden is facing criticism for reportedly hosting a barbecue event for his staff at the White House amid the Hamas attack on Israel. According to a pool reporter, music was heard playing on the White House lawn, while pro-Palestine demonstrators at the gates chanted ‘Free Palestine.’ As reported by the Daily […]