Hamas attack

Hezbollah chief Nasrallah on Iran blasts: Arouri’s killing will be avenged

NEW DELHI : Hasan Nasrallah, the leader of Hezbollah, has issued a stern warning in response to the killing of Saleh al-Arouri, a prominent figure within Hamas, who died in a drone attack in Beirut on Tuesday. While Israel has not confirmed its responsibility for the attack, Nasrallah asserts that the killing “will not go […]

The Gaza quagmire: Hamas’ tactics to confound Israel

NEW DELHI: In a calculated move to hold off Israeli forces and negotiate a ceasefire on its terms, Palestinian militant group Hamas has reportedly prepared for an extended conflict according to sources close to the group’s leadership. Unnamed sources disclosed that Hamas has stockpiled weapons, missiles, as well as essential supplies such as food and medical […]

Israel-Palestine conflict: Senior Hamas commander killed in wartime operations

An Israeli military statement confirmed the death of a high-ranking Hamas military leader responsible for the group’s airborne operations in Gaza City due to Israeli airstrikes on Saturday. Murad Abu Murad lost his life within the last 24 hours when military aircraft targeted a Hamas operational hub used by the group for its “airborne operations,” […]

Troubling support for Hamas: Call for clarity in Israel war

The ongoing war between Israel and Hamas has dominated headlines worldwide in the past five days. As the world watches, it is disheartening to see some elements in the West openly supporting Hamas, despite its unequivocal status as a terrorist organisation. It is crucial to examine why certain individuals and institutions are endorsing it, and […]

Challenges to critical thinking in Muslim world

On October 6, Hamas launched an unprecedented and unexpected assault on Israel, launching rockets, demolishing border fences, and killing hundreds of innocent Israeli civilians. In response, the Israeli military pounded Hamas facilities in Gaza with airstrikes. This escalation has led to casualties and extensive damage to vital infrastructure on both sides. Tragically, the death toll […]

Looking through the haze of Israel attack

An interconnected world is a good thing; we all know and admit that. The issue, however, is that with interconnectedness comes access, and scores of state and non-state players engage themselves in the different spheres of regional and/or global politics. When events like the 7/10 Hamas attack on Israel takes place, and when it becomes […]

Understanding why Hamas attacked Israel

Following Palestinian militant outfit, Hamas’ unprecedented attack on Israel which has left hundreds dead and thousands injured in its wake, Israel has declared that it is at a “state of war”. As rockets scatter across both sides of the border lining the Gaza Strip, the conflict has spanned over seven decades with Israel occupying the […]

Tales of turmoil: 21 movies about terrorism amid Israel-Palestine conflict

NEW DELHI: As the Israel-Palestine conflict continues to capture international attention, it serves as a stark reminder of the real-world implications of terrorism and terror attacks. Over the years, both Hollywood and Bollywood have explored this complex issue through the lens of cinema, creating thought-provoking and gripping films that shed light on the consequences of […]

Israel’s reply to Hamas will change the Middle East, says PM Netanyahu

NEW DELHI: With rising tensions between Israel and the Palestinian militant group Hamas, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu announced on Monday that their action in the Gaza Strip would be unparalleled and would have a transformative impact on the Middle East. In a meeting with the mayors of districts neighbouring the southern borders of the nation, […]

Mia Khalifa loses her job due to ‘disgusting’ tweet supporting Hamas attack on Israel 

NEW DELHI: Former adult film star Mia Khalifa has been removed from her advisory role at Red Light Holland, a Canadian mushroom producer. This decision came as a result of her tweets concerning the Israel-Palestine conflict, which escalated on September 8 when more than 50 Hamas terrorists from Palestine infiltrated Israel. The row started when […]