Hamas attack on Israel

Hezbollah chief Nasrallah on Iran blasts: Arouri’s killing will¬†be¬†avenged

NEW DELHI : Hasan Nasrallah, the leader of Hezbollah, has issued a stern warning in response to the killing of Saleh al-Arouri, a prominent figure within Hamas, who died in a drone attack in Beirut on Tuesday. While Israel has not confirmed its responsibility for the attack, Nasrallah asserts that the killing “will not go […]

I didn’t’ give any answer on Hamas or ban on it: Meenakhshi Lekhi

The revelation follows the presentation of a document containing Lekhi's name, offering a response to the parliamentary inquiry concerning Hamas. The document was posted on the microblogging site, X. The question revolves around the potential declaration of Hamas as a terrorist organisation in India and whether the Israeli government had urged India to make such a designation

Israel had prior knowledge of Hamas attack plan over a year ago: Report

NEW DELHI: Around eight weeks into the conflict between Israel and Hamas, a recent report indicates that Israeli officials had received documentation outlining the planned Hamas attack a year before its occurrence. Moreover, the report suggests that the Israeli authorities dismissed the documents, considering them ‘overly ambitious’ and something deemed ‘impossible for Hamas’ to execute. […]

EXCLUSIVE | UN Women, vapid apologists of sexual Jihad, should be replaced: Israel Deputy Ambassador

On Thursday, the conflict between Israel and the terror group Hamas reached its 55th day, with both sides currently observing a ceasefire. The truce, initiated on November 24, was extended by an additional 2 days until Wednesday, as mediators advocate for a more “sustainable” cessation of hostilities. In an exclusive interview with The New Indian, […]

EXCLUSIVE | Israel-Palestine struggling in the clutches of unseen environmental crisis: NWF VP

NEW DELHI: It has been more than a month since the conflict between Israel and Hamas erupted. Israel has conducted intense airstrikes in the Gaza Strip, resulting in the loss of several thousand lives. The objective is to eliminate Hamas militants who executed bold attacks on October 7, leading to civilian casualties and numerous hostages. […]

A chilling chronicle of Hamas’ unprecedented sadism on Israel | EXCLUSIVE

NEW DELHI: In the relentless theatre of war that is the Israel-Hamas conflict, the stage is set for an appalling spectacle of violence, where the innocent becomes the hapless victim, and the world shudders at the unfolding horrors. The first incident showcased to The New Indian at Wednesday’s heart-wrenching 40-minute screening at the Israel Embassy […]