302 eminent Indians call BBC out for prejudiced, nefarious documentary

Over 300 eminent citizens, including 33 retired judges, 133 ex-bureaucrats, and 156 ex-army officers, released a letter on Saturday condemning the British Broadcasting Corporation documentary on Prime Minister Narendra Modi and India’s Muslims. The letter says that the documentary is riddled with factual errors which reek of motivated distortionsĀ “reeks of motivated distortion that is as […]

Gujarat Polls: 20 yrs on, burnt train still parked at Godhra station; voters trust peace

Godhra: The air in the newly renovated Godhra railway station near which 20 years back Sabarmati Express was put on fire wears not only smells of fresh paint but also of peace. It is difficult to fathom this this is the same site where the charred bodies of 59 karsevaksĀ returning from Ayodhya were found inside […]