Macron’s state visit to Germany in 24 years ahead of EU Parliamentary elections

NEW DELHI: French President Emmanuel Macron landed in Berlin, the capital of Germany, on Sunday for a three-day state visit followed by a bilateral cabinet meeting. Both major powers of the European Union seek to show unity as the EU parliamentary elections are scheduled to be held from June 6 to 9, 2024, with a […]

Raghuram Rajan: Can India grow rich before growing old?

“By 2047-2050 we are going to start growing old. Are we going to be rich by then? Not at 6-6.5 per cent growth,” he said.

Say hello to Belsnickel: Santa’s sinister counterpart

NEW DELHI: With the Christmas season upon us, the anticipation of Santa Claus’s arrival fills the air. However, amid the eagerness for the jolly old man in the red suit, a not-so-friendly figure hides in the shadows—Belsnickel. This German counterpart to Santa Claus emerges from the folklore of the Palatinate region in southwestern Germany, known […]

France, Germany stand in solidarity with Israel Amidst Hamas-inflicted terror

French Prime Minister Emmanuel Macron expressed condemnation for the turmoil that had been instigated in the nation.

Dhruv Rathee’s supporters attacked us in Europe: YouTuber couple

NEW DELHI: Anurag Goswami and Carolina Goswami, the Indian YouTubers known for their channel “India in Details,” have alleged that they have been attacked by supporters of YouTuber Dhruv Rathee in Europe. In a video, the couple alleged that they were attacked twice by his ‘radicalized supporters’, once in France and once in Germany. They said […]

Adani Wind’s 5.2 MW Wind Turbines Receives MNRE Approval for Clean Energy Revolution

NEW DELHI: Adani Wind, a division of Adani New Industries (ANIL), has achieved a noteworthy milestone in India’s renewable energy sector. The Ministry of New and Renewable Energy (MNRE) has formally included Adani Wind’s 5.2-megawatt wind turbine generator (WTG) in the Revised List of Models and Manufacturers (RLMM) on Thursday, indicating its readiness for commercial […]

Varun Dhawan, Jhanvi Kapoor’s Bawaal trivializes Holocaust: Israeli Embassy

The Israeli Ambassador expressed his concern on Twitter, stating that the trivialization of the Holocaust should disturb everyone.

‘Racist’, India hit out at Germany for Der Spiegel’s cartoon

In this YouTube video, we discuss the controversial cartoon published by Der Spiegel, a German magazine, titled ‘Population: India overtakes China.’ The cartoon depicts an overloaded Indian train with people spilling out, moving ahead of a sleek Chinese bullet train. Many have deemed the cartoon racist, belittling India’s technological advances and highlighting China’s modern infrastructure. […]

Racism! India’s strong reaction to German magazine’s tasteless cartoon

Der Spiegel’s cartoon on India overtaking China as the most populous nation irks Indians

India is looking to find a way forward in Baby Ariha case: MEA

MEA responds to The New Indian's query, saying it is a sensitive case and they are deeply concerned with the development