Dr Vikram Sampath

Lallantop’s Editor criticised for calling historian ‘koi Vikram’

In his response, Vikram Sampath underscored his stance by stating, "Sorry @saurabhtop - no 'micro pressure group' to write about Gyan Vapi history by 'koi Vikram Sampath'...if presenting history as it is, is identity politics & pressure, then so be it."

It’s Introspection, Course Correction Time For Indian Intellectuals

For Indian intellectuals and their fraternity in civil society, it is time for in-depth self-introspection of their past and ongoing omission and commission, and to go for long due course correction. We, ordinary Indians, humbly and sincerely hope you, major stakeholders in the country’s all-round development story, won’t fail to recognize your foolishness anymore. India […]