Pakistan ready to trade, India cautious

Recently, newly-appointed Pakistani Foreign Minister Mohammad Ishaq Dar suggested that his country should resume its trade with India that it suspended in August 2019 following Delhi’s revocation of Article 370 for Kashmir. Pakistan will “seriously examine” whether to restart trade with India, he said.

Imran Khan’s rollercoaster ride: Twists, turns in Pakistani Politics

Pakistan’s political landscape is in turmoil, with Imran Khan’s acrobatics, surprising twists in US interests, and hidden power plays within the Pakistan Army. As the political circus unfolds, the future looks uncertain for Khan

Sharif-Xi Discusses Stretching CPEC To Afghanistan

Pakistan Prime minister Shehbaz Sharif and President Xi Jinping of China acknowledged on Wednesday that the CPEC’s extension to Afghanistan "would strengthen regional connectivity initiatives".

The Failing China Pakistan Economic Corridor

In April of 2015, Chinese President Xi Jinping and then Pakistan Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif signed a bilateral project named China Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC) worth $46 billion. Dubbed ‘The project of the century’ by President Jinping, for Nawaz Sharif CPEC project was to propel Pakistan into an unprecedented era of growth and development by […]

Pak Floods: CPEC, Chinese War Moves Unsettle J&K’s Environment

Let’s not forget that the current havoc in Pakistan is on the western edge of Jammu and Kashmir – although it has affected areas far beyond. The disaster stems largely from glacier melts in the part of Jammu and Kashmir controlled by Pakistan. Indeed, the heart of the havoc is Swat, which was once considered […]

CPEC Is An Indication Of A Bigger Problem For China

The conventional thinking among the Indian population, those that are aware of the behemoth named CPEC, is that it is China’s way of encircling India by debt-trapping Pakistan into a project that Pakistan does not have the financial capacity to absorb. And they would be partially correct in assuming so. An infrastructural project of that […]