Coromandel Express

Balasore tragedy: Nervous father unsure of sending son back to work on ill-fated train

Binoy Mandal, father of Subir Mandal, who was on the ill-fated Coromandel Express, broke down when confronted with the prospect of his son returning to Chennai for work.

Muslim victim of Odisha train tragedy awaits Didi’s ‘mamata’

While Odisha government promptly provided financial assistance for victims of Balasore train tragedy, West Bengal failed to do so

Coromandel Express accident: 35 persons from West Bengal killed

With most of the passengers belonging to West Bengal, Mamata Banerjee-led TMC government was quick to deputise officials to aid relief efforts

Coromandel Express wrongly entered goods train track: Report

NEW DELHI: The preliminary investigation report into the tragic train accident in Odisha’s Balasore stated that the Coromandel Express, instead of staying on the main track, wrongly entered a loop line and collided with a stationary goods train. Subsequently, the Bengaluru-Howrah Superfast Express collided with the scattered coaches of the Coromandel Express on the adjacent […]

HOW IT HAPPENED: Balasore train accident explained

With reckless speed, the Coromandel Express thundered through the station, triggering its derailment and causing the three-train collision