Cold War

China, Japan, South Korea trilateral meet-What does it mean for world?

NEW DELHI: China, Japan, and South Korea, three Asian giants, held their first trilateral meeting in the last 4 years. This meeting has been organized at a time when the world is witnessing two major conflicts namely, Russia-Ukraine and Israel-Gaza war. At a time, when the position of the US as a self-acclaimed superpower of […]

Biden shot Western Europe in the foot through his Ukraine war

As the war in Ukraine peters out, Russia remains stable and relatively strong, while Western Europe has taken an economic beating. Its largest economy, Germany’s, has contracted, and inflation is biting populations across the continent. The US, the main driver of this war-fighting Russia to the last Ukrainian, as some wits put it—has emerged quite […]

Unravelling jihad factor: India’s hypothetical role as Cold War ally of US

In the realm of geopolitical speculation, envisioning alternative scenarios, I delved into the intriguing hypothetical situation: What would have happened if India had responded favourably to the American calls to join the Western Bloc during the Cold War? While the first part deals mostly with India’s equations with Pakistan and China, its prickly neighbours, the […]

What if India joined Western Bloc? Exploring Cold War geopolitics

What if India responded favourably to the multiple American calls made to then Prime Minister Jawaharlal Nehru inviting him to be a part of the broader Western bloc, during the Cold War era?

NATO paradox and other American miscalculations

As the conflict in Ukraine begins to look like a key marker paging the end of unipolarity, one cannot help but look back at two of the four big miscalculations of the USA