What is Sanatan Dharma?

Sanatan Dharma means an eternal religion that will always be relevant, says Sadhguru

Tradition or …? Dalai Lama forces kid to suck his tongue

Tibetan spiritual leader is in centre of storm as he asks a perplexed kid to suck his tongue

IBC An Important Mission For A Happier, Peaceful World: Ling Rinpoche

Drawing attention to how the teachings of Buddha are more relevant than ever before and why it is necessary to create a happier and more peaceful world, Buddhist monks from across the world participated in the 10th International Buddhist Confederation (IBC) on Saturday in the national capital. Buddhist delegates were invited by IBC on Saturday […]

EXC: Former Delhi Minister Rajendra Pal Gautam On Hinduism-Buddhism Row

In an exclusive interview with The New Indian, former Delhi minister Rajinder Pal Gautam speaks about his decision to quit Arvind Kejriwal's cabinet and how Buddhism will help remove casteism in India.