Arindam Mukherjee

Bezmenov, the subversion model, and Adani Enterprises

Yuri Alexandrovich Bezmenov was an informer of KGB (Soviet Union’s main security agency), whose official cover was as a journalist for the Soviet Novosti Press Agency. He was posted in India during the 60-70s when he gave his KGB handlers the slip and defected to the West. He flew from (then) Bombay airport to Greece […]

Introducing Gilgit Baltistan: A 21st century Pakistani ‘colony’ – Part 1

G-B remains a part of Jammu and Kashmir but is currently under Pakistan’s illegal occupation

Wokeism as a geopolitical tool

The ugly head of wokeism in India has conveniently created a ‘minority oppressor’ for the lack of a ‘minority oppressed’ class

Can India Depend On The US?

Shooting your own foot Let us begin with a clip from an article in CBS titled “Russia’s Ruble is the strongest currency in the world this year”: “Commodity prices are currently sky-high, and even though there is a drop in the volume of Russian exports… the increase in commodity prices more than compensates for these […]

Agnipath Could Be India’s Answer To Future Of Warfare

Out of the stated highlights of the Agnipath Scheme, to me, the two big ones are: A) 25% of the top performers at the end of their 4-year stint get a chance to enrol in the Indian Army. That is a decent proposition, considering that only the best of all the regular applicants to the […]

Why Terrorism In India Would Be Difficult To Control

With the recent spike in terrorist activities in Kashmir, it looks like the ‘good times’ ushered by the abrogation of Article 370 are over. It was an optimistic three-year phase that speculated about all that was bright in the future of Jammu, Kashmir and Ladakh: people empowerment, equity and fairness, comprehensive development, a three-tier system […]