DU female student who sheltered Amritpal in Laxmi Nagar holds clues: Delhi Police on his trail

A Delhi University student who sheltered Khalistani radical Amritpal Singh in Laxmi Nagar on March 21 has been questioned by agencies and Punjab Police. The student had come in contact with Waris Punjab De members during her participation in anti-farm law protests. According to sources, Amritpal’s close aide Pappalpreet Singh, who used to participate in […]

V2155280: Number that changed Amritpal’s life

The New Indian accesses the information about Amritpal Singh’s passport that turned him from being the cool dude in Dubai to a fugitive pro-Khalistani radical preacher

WATCH | Amritpal Singh’s recruits admit to being drugs, arms carriers

In a major breakthrough, it has come to light that the henchmen of the self-anointed champion of Khalistan, fugitive Amritpal Singh, were involved in the drug trade that has scourged Punjab. The New Indian accesses confessions on tape where the accomplices of Amritpal Singh admitted being drug carriers. They also admitted to being carriers of […]

WATCH | Amritpal Singh Kept Kirpan, Used Walkie Talkie Sets & Had Live Cartridges In Isuzu: Punjab Police

Police team led by Jalandhar Rural SSP Swarandeep Singh recovered a vehicle used during chase by Khalistani-ultra Amritpal Singh. “Recovered kirpan, walkie-talkies, .315 rifles and 57 live bullets from the vehicle,” says SSP Singh.

WATCH | Amritpal’s firebrand aide runs in fear from police

Often hailed for his incendiary remarks and threats to government against government over social media, Bhagwant Singh, close aide of Amritpal Singh was seen running away from police who were combing the fields during crackdown against Khalistani ultra Amritpal Singh.