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WATCH | Top French Artists Pick Their Favorite Indian Classical Music Legends

French musicians Manu Evano, Flo Comment, and Guillaume Barraud speak to TNI Editor Aarti Tikoo about their experiences of traveling to India to learn Hindustani classical music. The musicians discuss their initial fascination with the music, the rigorous training they underwent, and the personal and spiritual transformations they experienced through their guru’s teachings. They also […]

Off Limits EP04 ft. Malini Awasthi | मालिनी अवस्थी | Aarti Tikoo

In this episode of Off Limits, renowned folk artist Malini Awasthi (मालिनी अवस्थी) joins Aarti Tikoo for an insightful conversation. Born and raised in Kannauj, Uttar Pradesh, Malini recounts her life journey to becoming India’s top folk star. She shares insights into her artistic influences, life in Banaras and her close bond with her guru, […]

WATCH | French Riots, Frexit, Russia-Ukraine war, Radicalism | Interview | George Kuzmanovic | Aarti Tikoo

George Kuzmanovic, a French politician, veteran, and reserve officer, has been actively involved in politics. He promptly joined the Left Party upon its establishment and served as a member of its national office. Later, he aligned himself with La France insoumise and played a significant role as an advisor to Jean-Luc Mélenchon, focusing on international […]

Sonth EP10: Kashmiri Pandit Activism & Reconciliation ft. Sunil Raina, President Lava Mobiles

A young Sunil Raina, fresh out of college, was divided between two choices in his life when the situation fell apart in the Kashmir valley. On one hand, he wished to pursue activism full-time as a member of the ‘Panun Kashmir’ organization, and on the other hand, burgeoning responsibilities asked of him to find a […]

‘Paris is garbage’: Frexit gains momentum in France after riots

The protestors voiced their opposition to the European Union and NATO, emphasizing their desire for France to regain its independence and decision-making powers. According to them, being part of the European Union restricts France's ability to act and hampers its potential.

For Rahul’s Bharat Jodo Tiranga in Srinagar, kudos to Modi govt

It is important to understand the efforts that enabled the Gandhi siblings—Rahul and Priyanka—to do what was unthinkable for three decades in Kashmir.

WEF globalists at Davos selling snake oil

Globalization, as envisioned by the WEF billionaires, has not only failed in ending poverty but it has normalized obscene opulence and plunder by the rich and increased inequality

Bharat Jodo: Full marks for effort but Rahul has still a long way to go

Bharat Jodo would be a colossal wastage of time, effort and resource if Rahul Gandhi continues to focus on likability over electoral winnability

Elon Musk replies to TNI’s Rohan Dua; agrees Twitter was influenced in India

The New Indian Editors have incessantly waged a war against the biased and compromised space that Twitter was until Elon Musk took over. Last year, around the same time, Editor-in-Chief Aarti Tikoo took Twitter to Court after the website blocked her account for tweeting about terrorists threatening her brother.

Indian History Writing Glorifies Invaders And Sidelines Architects of Our Civilisation : Vikram Sampath

Editor-in-Chief Aarti Tikoo and historian and author Vikram Sampath talk about his book “Bravehearts of Bharat: Vignettes from Indian History”, the Delhi-centric, and misogynist lens of history writing.