Santanu Sinha issues second apology letter for BJP’s Amit Malviya

| Updated: 16 June, 2024 7:50 pm IST
Santanu Sinha issues second apology letter for BJP's Amit Malviya

NEW DELHI: In a recent development, Santanu Sinha, a member of Hindu Samhati from Bengal, has issued a second apology to BJP leader Amit Malviya following a defamation suit filed against him. Sinha addressed his letter to Malviya’s legal team, explicitly denying any allegations of sexual exploitation or defamatory claims against Malviya.

Highlighting the misinterpretation of his social media post, Sinha expresses regret over the repercussions that harmed Malviya’s reputation and BJP as a political party. He writes, “Notwithstanding, I feel repented from the depth of my soul for the development arose out of the misinterpretation of my post which have harmed and hampered reputation of your client as person and BJP as political party.”
Final reply letter of Santanu Sinha

Sinha’s letter states, “To conclude, I again deny and dispute all the allegations made by your client in your legal notice that I have ever accused your client of any sexual abuse or made any allegations which may call defamatory, scandalous, fabricated, reckless.” He further emphasises, “I have not raised any allegations against your client not have intended to do so.”

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The apology marks a continuation in the legal dispute initiated by Malviya, underscoring the sensitivity and consequences of social media posts and their interpretations in the realm of political discourse.As the case unfolds, it remains to be seen how this apology will impact the ongoing legal proceedings and perceptions surrounding the allegations made and subsequently retracted by Santanu Sinha.

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