Rishikesh AIIMS visiting faculty accuses doctor of misconduct at India Habitat Centre

| Updated: 15 June, 2024 5:00 pm IST
The New Indian's Atul Krishnan interviews the victim Deepali Bhardwaj.

New Delhi: An AIIMS (Rishikesh) visiting doctor has alleged that she was cheated and mistreated by a doctor under the pretext of helping her organize an event at India Habitat Centre (IHC).

The victim Deepali Bhardwaj, alleged that the accused, Dr. Harish Bhalla, had also illegally taken her picture, which was available on social media, and used it on the manipulated Membership Card of IHC belonging to his late wife, Mrs. Kusum Bhalla. He did this to gain entry to the Gym of IHC.

Based on her complaint, an FIR of breach of trust has been lodged against Dr. Harish Bhalla with the Defence Colony Police Station.

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“In 2015, I was invited as a speaker on the Women’s Leadership Panel in the Global Healthcare Summit 2015 organized by the American Association of Physicians of Indian Origin (AAPI). In this summit, I was introduced to Dr. Harish Bhalla by one of the event organizers, Anwar Feroz Siddiqi. The conference was held at ITC Maurya Sheraton, from January 1, 2016, to January 3, 2016. Dr. Bhalla was also one of the participants in the conference, which led both of us to interact with each other,” said the victim.

Since then, they started talking to each other. The victim said that Bhalla used to call her his third daughter, and she used to call him “uncle.”

“I came to know that India Habitat Centre, Lodhi Road (IHC), organizes events, talks, and seminars for the benefit of its members on various subjects. In order to bring awareness amongst the members of IHC regarding issues of anti-aging in today’s pollution, on January 11, 2016, I sent an email to IHC to hold a talk on the said topic in March or April 2016,” the victim said.

The victim alleged that Bhalla used her identity to get the membership of IHC. She said that Bhalla misused her identity in a fraudulent manner.

“I was informed by Dr. Bhalla that he was a member of IHC. He told me that he had good contacts in the management of IHC (including the Programmes Committee, which selects the suitable proposals for organizing the events), and he insisted on assisting me in organizing and booking the appropriate hall at IHC since I had a busy schedule. He was also the co-organizer of this event. Trusting Bhalla, I believed him and paid a total of Rs 15,802 in the form of a demand draft.

He was and is so fraudulent that the said event was not conducted, and I received a mail dated March 8, 2016, from IHC that my request was not allowed by IHC. He kept the money and used it for his illegal spouse’s entry into the Gym of IHC and didn’t even return it,” read the FIR.

Previous Offense:

She has alleged that Bhalla also committed similar illegal acts against her at Delhi Golf Club. As per the FIR, she submitted a police complaint, and an FIR (78/2017) was lodged against him at PS Hazarat Nizamuddin. The victim alleged that Bhalla started pressuring her with different higher resources, but she declined to withdraw the said FIR.

“To create mental as well as social pressure, being a lady, he filed a fake police complaint against me before the SHO, Police Station Lodhi Colony. After a thorough investigation by the Delhi Police, when the police did not find anything against me, they filed a Closure Report in 2019,” she said.

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