Reforming the UN: A better path forward than creating new entities

| Updated: 08 November, 2023 6:09 pm IST
United Nations needs to pick itself up to become the herald of global peace that it calims itself to be (Picture courtesy: United Nations)

At the inaugural General Assembly of the World Liberty Congress, an organisation dedicated to promoting democracy and human rights, more than 20 dissidents from 56 countries were present in Vilnius.

The emergence of the World Liberty Congress is seen as a substitute for the United Nations, which is increasingly criticised for its ineffectiveness in maintaining peace and reducing hostilities between nations.

Established by Iranian women’s rights advocate Masih Alinejad, former world chess champion and Russian dissident Gary Kasparov, and Venezuelan opposition leader Leopoldo Lopez, the assembly approved the organisation’s foundational documents and is set to conduct elections on Tuesday.

However, rather than advocating for the creation of a new organisation, we should consider the need to reform and restructure the UN, which has long been perceived as unreliable and irrelevant to global peace.

The United Nations requires significant restructuring rather than disbandment or reduced funding. Its original mission, centred on preserving global peace and fostering collaboration among countries, has gradually eroded. In recent years, its peacekeeping efforts have frequently proven ineffectual, resulting in turmoil in regions afflicted by conflict.

India, one of the world’s largest democracies, is still not a member of the UN Security Council, denying it veto power and a legitimate voice in global affairs. The UN’s interference in the domestic affairs of sovereign nations has caused tensions, leading to allegations of overreach and biased decisions. It is essential to acknowledge these issues and work towards a more balanced and effective international organisation.

Instead of advocating for the creation of a new entity like the World Liberty Congress, we should focus on restructuring and reforming the UN. The comprehensive reform agenda for the UN should include various critical aspects.

Firstly, the UN Security Council should be more inclusive by expanding its membership to include nations such as India, Brazil, Germany, and Japan. Granting these countries, the rightful veto power they possess would better reflect the evolving global power dynamics.

Secondly, it is essential to enhance the effectiveness of peacekeeping missions within the UN framework. Strengthening peacekeeping operations and ensuring they result in sustainable stability in conflict areas is of paramount importance. Revising the peacekeeping framework is essential to reaffirm the UN’s commitment to global peace.

A crucial aspect of UN reform involves resolving the fundamental principle of non-interference in the domestic affairs of sovereign states. This approach respects a nation’s right to self-governance while simultaneously allowing it to be accountable for human rights violations and aggressive actions against other states.

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Furthermore, there is a need to re-evaluate the roles and responsibilities of UN agencies such as UNICEF to ensure that their actions do not inadvertently promote hate, disharmony, or anarchy within societies. This revision ensures that UN agencies adhere to their mission to promote peace and cooperation.

Finally, promoting transparency within the UN and establishing an effective oversight mechanism is essential. Transparency initiatives will enhance the organisation’s credibility and credibility, while oversight mechanisms are essential in preventing misconduct and addressing biased decision-making.

These reforms collectively contribute to a more equitable and effective UN, which is better equipped to address global challenges and promote a harmonious world. A reformed UN would lead to a more peaceful, inclusive, and prosperous world, preserving the principles of sovereignty and global cooperation that it was established upon.

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