Rahul’s American truck yatra exposed as PR stunt by Twitter user

A Twitter user has now stepped forward, unveiling the driver’s actual affiliation with the Indian Overseas Youth Congress and casting doubt on the veracity of Gandhi’s assertions. 

NEW DELHI | Updated: 17 June, 2023 5:52 pm IST

NEW DELHI: During his recent visit to the United States, Congress leader Rahul Gandhi undertook what he dubbed the “American Truck Yatra,” highlighting his journey alongside an alleged ordinary truck driver who had reportedly left India due to dissatisfaction with the BJP and for lack of job prospects.

However, fresh information has come to light, indicating that his highly publicized American Truck Yatra from Washington DC to New York was meticulously planned as a public relations (PR) event.

A Twitter user has now stepped forward, unveiling the driver’s actual affiliation with the Indian Overseas Youth Congress and casting doubt on the veracity of Gandhi’s assertions.

Troll pages establish Truck driver as a disgruntled BJP supporter and Rahul Gandhi as an approachable leader


Following Rahul Gandhi’s announcement, a Twitter account known for trolling and political commentary made a suggestion that the truck driver accompanying him was actually a supporter of the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) who expressed dissatisfaction with the party’s communal politics and failure to generate jobs in India.

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Similarly, an individual associated with the Aam Aadmi Party (AAP) posted about Rahul Gandhi’s apparent ease and comfort in the company of the so-called “common truck driver.”

Certain troll pages attempted to create the impression that Gandhi’s interaction with the truck driver was spontaneous, highlighting his approachability and empathy towards the concerns of ordinary citizens.

However, a new thread by a Twitter user showed that neither was the truck driver ordinary, nor was the meeting an organic intimate meeting as some of the troll pages were making it out to be.

Twitter users damning proof- Truck driver a Congress worker



The Twitter thread unveiled the true identity of the driver as Taljinder Singh Vicky Gill, who holds the position of President of the Indian overseas youth congress America.

A Facebook profile of Vicky Gill reveals that he holds the position of President at Overseas Youth Congress – America.

This revelation contradicted the initial claim that he was a regular truck driver.

Vicky Gill’s association with Congress can be traced back to his college days. Earlier, he was the President of NSUI – the student wing of the Indian National Congress. Source: Twitter/ Vijay Patel

A photograph shared within the thread depicted Taljinder Singh Vicky Gill alongside Rahul Gandhi during what appeared to be part of Bharat Jodo photo-op.

He is a resident of New Jersey as per another profile Source: Twitter/ Vijay Patel

Further adding to the skepticism surrounding the event, it was revealed that Taljinder Singh Vicky Gill had previously served as the NSUI vice president before assuming his current role. This information raises pertinent questions about the authenticity and purpose of Rahul Gandhi’s claim to have embarked on a journey with an everyday truck driver.

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During a three-city tour in the USA in the first week of June, Rahul Gandhi aimed to connect with the Indian diaspora. However, his meetings faced criticism as concerns were raised about the purpose and impact of his international visits, particularly his criticism of Indian democracy on foreign soil. The Indian Overseas Congress, USA, had previously denied allegations of representing specific religious groups, emphasizing their autonomy and inclusive approach. They stated that the “Congress party does not believe in dividing people based on religion, welcoming individuals from all backgrounds to participate in their upcoming events.”

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