Pfizer pays millions to CNN for Covid jab promotion: US prez candidate

Around $10 million of Cooper’s salary is primarily derived from Pfizer, rather than CNN, he claimed

NEW DELHI | Updated: 06 June, 2023 4:40 pm IST

NEW DELHI: Amid allegations of lobbying, bribery and manipulation against Pfizer, US presidential candidate Robert F Kennedy Jr. has said that a top CNN anchor is paid $10 million per annually by the US pharmaceutical giant to promote its Covid-19 vaccine.

In a recent TV interview, Kennedy – the nephew of late US president John F Kennedy – claimed that around 80 per cent of CNN journalist Anderson Cooper’s $12 million annual earnings are directly funded by Pfizer.

Kennedy made these claims during an appearance on The Liberty Daily, shedding light on a potential conflict of interest that may impact Cooper’s reporting on Pfizer’s products, including their mRNA Wuhan coronavirus (COVID-19) vaccines.

According to Kennedy, around $10 million of Cooper’s salary is primarily derived from Pfizer, rather than CNN – adding to allegations that he has not been presenting objective information about Pfizer’s vaccines to his viewers.

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Critics argue that mainstream US media outlets, including both CNN and Fox News, are heavily reliant on funding from pharmaceutical companies, leading to the promotion of drugs and vaccines during commercial breaks.

While Fox News is often associated with a conservative stance, it also receives financial support from the same entities that back CNN, blurring the lines between left and right when it comes to pharmaceutical influence on the media landscape.

Kennedy further claimed that approximately 75 per cent of advertising revenues in the mainstream US media, and even higher for evening news broadcasts, stem from pharmaceutical companies. This financial reliance could potentially compromise journalistic integrity, inhibiting critical reporting on issues related to the pharmaceutical industry, he said.

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Cooper has yet to respond to the allegations.

Pfizer has long been accused of pressurizing and bribing government officials and media outlets, and lobbying to push its Covid-19 vaccine across the world.

The company Covid jabs have allegedly been linked to severe illnesses and higher even deaths in several countries. When a reporter confronted Pfizer CEO Albert Bourla regarding the vaccine’s efficacy during the World Economic Forum (WEF) in January, he was seen running away.


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