Nepali students caught in conflict: 7 injured, 17 held by Hamas in Israel

NEW DELHI | Updated: 07 October, 2023 10:41 pm IST
Militant outfit Hamas' attack has already led to the deaths of over 300

NEW DELHI: Seven Nepali students found themselves caught in the crossfire between Hamas and Israeli forces, as they were taken hostage by the terrorist group. This information was confirmed by Nepal’s Ambassador to Israel.

The students who were enrolled at the University of Israel have reportedly suffered various injuries as they were taken captive by the Hamas attackers. These students from Harzliya were pursuing their education in the conflict-ridden country as part of the “Learn and Earn” programme.

“They have been held in captivity by Hamas forces along with an additional 10 Nepali students at the agricultural farm in Southern Israel’s Alumim,” confirmed Kanta Rijal, Nepal’s Ambassador to Israel.

Rijal also mentioned that they have notified the Israeli foreign ministry and rescue teams about the condition of the students in preparation for a successful rescue operation. “They (the students) are in the hostel and shielding themselves. The area is inaccessible because of intense fighting,” he he revealed.

On Saturday, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu declared that Israel had entered a state of war in response to the Hamas attack in southern Israel.

“We are at war, not in an operation or in rounds, but at war. This morning, Hamas launched a murderous surprise attack against the State of Israel and its citizens. We have been in this since the early morning hours. I convened the heads of the security establishment and ordered, first of all, to clear out the communities that have been infiltrated by terrorists. This is currently being carried out,” Benjamin Netanyahu said,” the PM said around five hours after the first attack.

“At the same time, I have ordered an extensive mobilization of reserves and that we return fire of a magnitude that the enemy has not known. The enemy will pay an unprecedented price. In the meantime, I call on the citizens of Israel to strictly adhere to the directives of the IDF and Home Front Command. We are at war and we will win it,” he added.

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Currently, more than 40 civilians have been reported as fatalities, with thousands sustaining injuries, and a significant number have been reported as missing.

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