Man posed as 67-year-old to go to Canada, caught at IGI

| Updated: 20 June, 2024 12:19 pm IST

New Delhi: A 24-year-old man who wanted to settle in Canada tried to board a flight impersonating a 67-year-old by dyeing his hair and beard but was caught as his voice and skin didn’t match his claimed age.

The accused, identified as Guru Sewak Singh, was finally placed under arrest. He was trying to travel on a passport issued in the name of 67-year-old Rashvindar Singh Sahota.

A senior CISF official said that the accused was held based on profiling and detection surveillance on June 18, at around 5:20 pm.

The accused was intercepted in the check-in area of Terminal-3.

“Upon enquiry, he identified himself as Rashvindar Singh Sahota, date of birth 10.02.1957, PP No. 438851 (Indian), bound for Canada on Air Canada flight No. AC 043/STD 2250 hrs. However, upon examining his passport, discrepancies were noticed. His appearance, voice, and skin texture seemed significantly younger than the details provided in the passport. Closer observation revealed that he had dyed his hair and beard white and was wearing glasses to appear older,” said the official.

The official further stated that due to these suspicions, he was taken to the random checking point in the departure area for a thorough search.

During the inspection of his mobile phone, a soft copy of another passport in the name of Guru Sewak Singh, date of birth 10.06.2000, with passport number V4770942, was found.

Upon further enquiry, the accused admitted that his real name was Guru Sewak Singh and that he is 24 years old, traveling on a passport issued in the name of Rashvindar Singh Sahota, aged 67 years.

As the case involved a forged passport and impersonation, the passenger, along with his belongings, was handed over to Delhi Police for legal action.

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