Kerala factory stitching specialised uniforms for Israeli police amid conflict with Hamas

| Updated: 19 October, 2023 2:25 pm IST
Women making uniforms for Israeli Police Force

KERALA: In a small town near Kannur, Kerala, an apparel factory is working diligently to create uniforms for Israeli police and army personnel, despite the escalating conflict between Israel and Hamas, which has resulted in significant casualties on both sides.

Maryan Apparel Fctory

This factory, Maryan Appare, in Koothuparamba, has primarily employed female tailors, and has been producing uniforms for the Israeli police and army for the past six years. However, due to the current emergency situation, they are working on an urgent basis to complete an order of one lakh uniforms for immediate delivery.

In response to the heightened tensions and divisions within different communities, the management of the apparel factory has opted to temporarily suspend its acceptance of orders from the Israeli army. They have decided to resume taking orders only after the region has reestablished peace.

The Israel army team approached Thomas Olickal, the managing director, in 2015 and after the team were highly impressed with the quality of the products stitched at the apparel factory.

Olickal expressed the company’s commitment to fulfilling existing orders for the Israeli army until December while speaking to The New Indian. However, he confirmed that they will not consider any new orders until the situation has stabilised.

Managing Director of Maryan Apparel factory, Thomas Olickal, speaking to The New Indian

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While uniforms are a regular production item for the apparel factory, the current situation has them fully engaged in sewing specialised uniforms. These uniforms feature full sleeves and double pockets, adorned with official symbols on the sleeves, a measure taken in response to the ongoing conflict. The symbols and designs are all made in-house.

The Israeli team of commandos and police chiefs stayed in Kannur during 2015 for 10 days to understand the sewing mechanism and tried wearing the uniforms.

Following the war’s start, the Israelis requested for more uniforms to be stitched from the factory unit in Valiyavelicham in Kannur. One lakh uniforms, of which 50,000 has already been stitched and the rest of the uniforms will be stitched and completed by December and handed over to them.

Israeli Uniforms Made in Indian Factory

Maryan Apparel Centre in Kerala’s Valiyavelicham is responsible for manufacturing uniforms not only for the Israeli police and army but also for the National Guard and Fire services in Kuwait, the Qatar Air Force, and the Philippines Army.

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