Kerala Catholic body slams LDF minister over remarks on Christmas meet with PM Modi 

ERNAKULAM | Updated: 01 January, 2024 8:40 pm IST

ERNAKULAM: The Kerala Catholic Bishops Council (KCBC) slammed Left Democratic Front (LDF) minister Saji Cherian for his comments on Christian leaders and Bishops who had visited Prime Minister Narendra Modi.

KCBC spokesperson Jacob Palackapilly told The New Indian that Cherian’s statement did not suit a cabinet minister.

“The minister should at least consider the sanctity of the position he holds while spewing such remarks. Saji Cherian and KT Jaleel are using the same dictionary that is being taught during the party classes”, said Palackapilly.

The development comes in the wake of his statement stating that the Bishops enjoyed the wine and cake with Prime Minister Narendra Modi but forgot to discuss Manipur.

“The Christmas Eve function that was conducted at the PM’s residence was a purely courtesy call and it had no politics in it. It was conducted to recognize the immense contributions made by the community to the society”, he added.

Earlier Communist Party of India state secretary Binoy Vishwam had slammed the members of the Christian community questioning if they had forgotten what happened in Manipur.

However, the statement was opposed by the Christian leader stating that it was not the role of political parties to “dictate the stance of Christians” in the state.

Meanwhile, senior Congress leader Ramesh Chennithala defended the Bishops and the community leaders attending the Christmas meet.

He said that there was nothing wrong  in the Bishops attending the meeting, and it does not mean that the stance of the church leaders on Manipur has been compromised.

The KCBC also stated that there are various critical issues faced by the community including the price of rubber that affects lakhs of rubber farmers. On the other hand, the other concern that they sought to address was the attack of wild animals at the forest fringes causing farmers to relocate from their houses.

Presently, PM Modi is slated to arrive in Thrissur where the church heads are hoping that their concerns will be addressed.

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