Historic as parliament convenes in new building: Harbhajan Singh

NEW DELHI | Updated: 18 September, 2023 5:47 pm IST

NEW DELHI: The turbanator of Indian cricket, Harbhajan Singh, has termed the sitting of Indian lawmakers in the new parliament building from Tuesday onwards as “historic.”

Speaking to The New Indian, the former star cricketer, who was nominated as a Rajya Sabha MP from the AAP in March 2022, said: “It’s going to be historic; tomorrow onwards the session will be in the new building.”

The cricketer-turned-politician also acknowledged that the transition might hold emotional significance for some. “It will be an emotional day for those who have been here for a very long time,” he remarked.

He further added that he would like to spend some time in the old building today, as from tomorrow onwards, all proceedings would be held in the new parliament building.

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The special session of Parliament commenced on Monday, marking the final day of activity in the old parliament building.

Starting Tuesday, sessions will be conducted in the new parliament building, inaugurated by Prime Minister Modi in May this year, amidst the boycott by the opposition parties.

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