Gurinder Dhillon hurts Hindu sentiments, says women shouldn’t keep Karva Chauth

| Updated: 08 November, 2023 8:10 pm IST

NEW DELHI: Gurinder Singh Dhillon, the spiritual head of Radha Soami Satsang Beas (RSSB), has been caught up in controversy recently for his hurtful remarks on a Hindu festival ‘Karva Chauth’. He went on to call the festival, widely celebrated by married Hindu women, as ‘hypocrisy’.

In a video, Gurinder, also known as Baba Ji to his followers, can be seen telling a woman that these fasts, that females keep for their husband, will not yield any result or grant their wishes of extending the life of their husband.

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He also said that such traditions and customs are a thing of the past as in the olden days, they only got to step out of their home and celebrate with others through festivals. Hence it is no longer required to keep fasts and pray for extending the lifeline of a man.

He also expressed that he doesn’t understand the concept of Karva Chauth. He said, “But if you think that such fasts will extend the life of your husbands, it is something the brain can’t comprehend. And even if that’s the case, husbands should keep it more for their wife.”

Reacting to this, an X user wrote, “Radha Swami Dera’s Baba Gurvinder Singh Dhillon is calling Karva Chauth ‘hypocrisy’. Firstly, Baba is not a Hindu and on top of that he has no knowledge of our scriptures, hence he has no right to comment on Karva Chauth.”

Further questioning the Hindus for visiting such gurus, he remarked, “Dear Hindus, why do you visit such Deras?”

Dhillon is an influential person from Punjab and is quite renowned within India’s political circle. Around a year ago, Prime Minister Narendra Modi came to meet him at Radha Soami Satsang Beas (RSSB).

The Dera, situated in Beas, Punjab, serves as the official residence of the spiritual leader of the organisation. Significant gatherings assemble on specific days, typically over the weekends, to listen to his spiritual teachings. Additionally, he conducts Satsang sessions at prominent RSSB centres in India.

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