Father, son drown in sea as selfie snaps turn fatal in Mumbai

The incident occurred off Vasai Fort coast in Mumbai

| Updated: 29 August, 2023 2:13 pm IST
Father-Son duo drowned in Sea while attempting to take Selfie

MUMBAI: In yet another reminder of the perils of the seemingly harmless act of taking a selfie, a man and his son drowned in the sea while trying to capture their happy moments off the coast of Vasai Fort in Mumbai, Maharashtra on Monday.


The victims, identified as Shailendra More (the father) and his son Devendra More, had initially organized a religious ceremony dedicated to Swami Samarth at their Vasai residence earlier that day. Following the ceremony, the duo embarked on a solemn journey to the sea near Vasai Fort to perform the traditional act of immersing puja items as part of their rituals.


Unfortunately, a moment of imbalance occurred when Devendra, standing on a boat after completing the immersion, attempted to take a selfie. This resulted in him losing his footing and falling into the water. Shailendra immediately leaped into the water in a courageous attempt to rescue his son.


Tragically, the rescue effort took a fatal turn as both father and son found it challenging to navigate the waters successfully. Despite Shailendra’s valiant endeavors, both individuals succumbed to the deep waters, marking a heartbreaking end to the incident later that Sunday evening. The local authorities were alerted to the situation by an eyewitness present during the unfortunate sequence of events.


Currently, the Vasai Police have launched a search operation to recover the bodies of Shailendra and Devendra More, which remain untraceable.


This unfortunate incident serves as a reminder of a similar occurrence in Mumbai a few months ago. A video had surfaced online, depicting a woman drowning after a wave struck her while she was taking a selfie with her husband at Bandstand, Bandra, Mumbai.


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