EXC – PM Modi gives time to resolving global conflicts: Nobel leader Asle Toje on peace prize

New Delhi | Updated: 16 March, 2023 4:23 pm IST

Dr Asle Toje, deputy leader of the Nobel Committee which selects winners, has showered praises on Prime Minister Narendra Modi for prioritising humanity over interests of compatriots alone, and using “his powers for mankind”.

In an exclusive interview with The New Indian on Wednesday, Dr Toje described PM Modi, who enjoys the highest approval rating among world leaders, as a “global leader fighting problems” ailing the world,

On being asked if the Indian prime minister qualifies as a contender for the Nobel Peace Prize, he said, “Any leader in the world should aspire to receive the Nobel Peace Prize. Any leader should try to do enough for peace in the world to deserve this award. But work comes first and this comes later.”

He also said that India’s rich history and its religious and traditional values have filtered into the government, which he said is a “good thing”.

PM Modi’s deep philosophical insights give hope that India can be a force for peace and equality in the world, he said.

“I’m very happy to see that India’s rich ancient philosophical thoughts have filtered into the government of this country, and I’m very happy to see that India is ready to shoulder its global responsibility and be a force for peace and equality and fairness in the world,” said Dr Toje.

He hails PM Modi’s efforts to resolve conflicts in distant countries.

“India’s power is growing. India’s taken more seriously now than in the past. I’m very happy to see that Prime Minister Modi uses his power for the good of mankind. And this is something we desperately, desperately need now. Global leaders who are thinking about humanity, not only their own interests,” he says.

The Nobel committee official said that India should carve out a distinct identity and style, influenced by its historical experiences, to reshape global affairs.

He said that India should not lose itself in the struggle to become a superpower. “It should not be become a carbon copy of America, the (British) Raj or China but grows from its own history,” he said, adding that PM Modi directs his scarce time to resolve conflicts in countries around the world.

He also hailed PM Modi’s remark ‘this is not an era of war’ made during a bilateral meeting with Russian President Vladimir Putin last year at the annual SCO summit in Uzbekistan.

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