Snake smuggling: Flamboyant youtuber Elvish tiptoes into UP thana at 12, quizzed till 3 am

| Updated: 08 November, 2023 5:30 pm IST

NEW DELHI: Youtuber Elvish Yadav was summoned in the ongoing investigation in the snake venom case and the time he chose to pick for his appearance before the police has raised eyebrows as it shows the duplicitous nature of the influencer. The Bigg Boss OTT 2 winner chose the time of midnight, during the intervening night between Tuesday and Wednesday, to make an appearance to avoid any media attention during the first round of questioning.

DCP Harish Chandra said, “We called him to the police station, and he arrived late at night. Now we are calling him again for questioning the second time”. Yadav, who reached the Sector-20 police station in Noida, was questioned for three hours but since the police had limited time to inquire about the matter he was summoned again for another round of questioning.

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The case that involves the alleged abuse of snakes for using its venom as drugs has left a lot of his fans in shock since Yadav has always claimed to be the flagbearer of Sanatan, a religion which preaches to respect each and every animal. It also goes against the law of the country that prohibits the use of protected species.

Police authorities were only able to ask some basic questions due to his time of arrival, leaving many aspects of the investigation unexplored. Yadav has denied his involvement in the case after five individuals were arrested for allegedly supplying snake venom at parties organized by him.

For a person who posted on Instagram that he is not well and being a YouTuber craves attention, it is deplorable that he should avoid the media glare by going to the police station at night. This hints at his duality in avoiding scrutiny while promising to cooperate with the authorities.

The New Indian accessed the phone conversation between PFA animal welfare officer Gaurav Gupta and the accused Rahul. In the telephonic conversation snake charmer Rahul exposed the YouTuber saying that he supplies snakes for him too. During the trap call, he also had purportedly claimed to smuggle in snakes from outside Delhi and that he had been doing this for 15 years.

Elvish has been summoned again to provide further information and clarification in what is the second summon issued in connection with the investigation. This second round of questioning is expected to examine the matter and may reveal additional details regarding the case.

The details of the case and the nature of the probe remain unresolved at this time, with authorities continuing their efforts to gather information and uncover the full story. Elvish Yadav, who boasts a significant online presence, has stated that he will cooperate with the authorities as they seek to determine the facts surrounding the case.



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