Controversial remark by Bihar CM Nitish Kumar in Legislative Assembly sparks debate

| Updated: 08 November, 2023 4:07 pm IST

NEW DELHI: In a surprising turn of events in the Bihar Legislative Assembly, Chief Minister Nitish Kumar made a statement on Tuesday that has sparked a heated debate within the state and the country. During a discussion on caste-based census in the assembly, Nitish Kumar claimed that when a man gets married, he engages in sexual intercourse with his wife every night.

The controversial statement was met with shock and surprise from both legislators and the public, as it touched upon a sensitive topic related to gender dynamics and family planning. Nitish Kumar’s assertion implied that frequent sexual intercourse was leading to a higher birth rate, and he suggested that educating girls was having a positive impact on controlling population growth.

The Chief Minister explained, “The man, when married, engages in intercourse with her every night. That’s how more children are born. If a girl gets an education, we know the man will engage in intercourse, which is fine. But the girl will ask to pull it out at the end.’ The man does it, and now the population is decreasing.”

Nitish Kumar’s comments raised eyebrows, not only for the explicit language used but also for the broader implications of his statement. He argued that educating girls led to family planning and, by extension, decreased population growth.

The controversial remarks had an immediate impact on those present in the assembly. Many female legislators were present during Kumar’s speech, and some were visibly uncomfortable and upset. Male legislators also appeared surprised by the statement.

The CM urged everyone to understand the broader context of his comments and emphasised that educating girls had significant benefits. He argued that educating girls led to better family planning and, ultimately, a reduction in population growth.

The controversial statement has ignited a broader debate in Bihar and beyond, with many questioning the appropriateness of Nitish Kumar’s words and the validity of his assertions. It remains to be seen how this incident will impact public discourse and policy discussions related to education and population control in the region.

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