BTS’ RM and Aespa rapper Karina spark dating rumours

| Updated: 08 November, 2023 6:47 pm IST

NEW DELHI: Dating rumours have recently swirled around BTS leader RM, also known as Kim Namjoon, and Aespa rapper Karina, intriguing fans and sparking a wave of speculation within the K-pop community. The speculation began after a viral post on a popular Korean online community mentioned Karina’s interest in the band Se So Neon, which is closely linked to RM.

Hwang So Yoon, the lead vocalist of Se So Neon, is known to be friends with RM, and their collaboration earlier this year on a single called “Smoke Sprite” only added fuel to the fire. However, a recent report by Koreaboo has revealed that fans have dismissed these dating rumours as “ridiculous.”

The report underlines a sequence of similar-looking Instagram updates by Karina and RM, which ignited the dating speculation. Both artists shared monochrome pictures of themselves with Hwang So Yoon on their respective Instagram Stories. Fans pointed out striking similarities between these photos, such as the angle and filter used, leading to speculations about a potential connection between the two K-pop idols.

It is worth noting that last month, Kim Namjoon playfully teased fans about having a girlfriend during a Weverse Live session. When a fan asked him to “introduce your girlfriend,” RM responded with laughter, saying, “Oh sh*t, I really want to, but I have none… right now. Can you introduce me to one?”

This lighthearted confession from the BTS leader quickly went viral, with many fans expressing their willingness to be introduced to Namjoon. A comment in response to his remark read, “‘Introduce your girlfriend… oh sh*t. I really want to, but I have… I have none. Introduce me, Namjoon, please.”

While dating rumours between Karina and RM have made headlines, it’s important to remember that celebrities often share friendships and collaborations without romantic involvement. As fans continue to speculate, the artists themselves have yet to confirm or deny the speculations, leaving the matter open to interpretation.

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