Nari Shakti Bill: Smriti says Gandhi family thinks created universe

| Updated: 19 September, 2023 5:58 pm IST

NEW DELHI: On the eventful transition from the British-era Parliament to its new address opposite to it, BJP’s combative Union minister Smriti Irani on Tuesday directed her tirade at the family patron Sonia Gandhi for seeking a pie of credit in every one’s favourite political cake of Women’s Reservation Bill.

In an interaction with The New Indian  just outside India’s brand-new parliament, the Amethi MP quipped, “If you ask the Gandhi family, they would say they even created the universe, let alone a Bill.”

The MP, who was once was mocked as Smriti Who? following Priyanka Gandhi’s flippant remarks in 2014 against her, pulled no punches, as she retorted at the Gandhi duo for not standing up for the new bill on the first day of the new Parliament.

“It would have done well if the Congress party had at least articulated its support for the bill. They managed to keep quiet,” she said, adding, “In fact, they were trying to create a ruckus when the law minister was trying to introduce the Bill.”

“It would have behooved of Gandhi well if she was in the Parliament when the Bill was introduced (today). She instead chose to remain absent,” Irani said.

Irani, who wears the pride of beating the former Congress president Rahul Gandhi in his pocket borough of Amethi in the 2019 elections, on her sleeves after a valiant battle, stopped short of calling Sonia – one of the most influential political figures in India – as “nirlajj” (shameless) while questioning her audacity to claim credit for the Bill which she referred to as “Nari Shakti vandan” Bill.


She called Sonia and Rahul Gandhi “arrogant”.

Irani also expressed her happiness with the bill and said that this will address the decade-old problem that women face. “I am elated that today this Parliament has witnessed (an answer) to challenges that women faced for decades and agitation that women undertook with regards to the Women’s reservation Bill.”

She also called the day of entering the new building of parliament auspicious. “The Prime Minister has chosen this day very rightly as it coincides with the festival of Ganesh Utsav. We enter the new premises with new promise, new hope and new determination.”

Cleared by the Union Cabinet on Monday night, the Bill – which was first introduced in 1996 – has gained support from all political quarters. It was last introduced by the Congress government in 2010 but it never sailed through.



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