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Dear Mehbooba Mufti, get enrolled in a science course

Mehbooba Mufti’s objection to Ghulam Nabi assertion that Indian Muslims are Hindu converts signifies what went wrong with Kashmir and the Islamic civilisation

Kashmir’s Independence Day celebrations come full circle

Amidst fervent Independence Day celebrations in Kashmir, author Arshia Malik fondly recalls her Srinagar school days

‘Kashmir Whisperers’ undoing gains made after Article 370 repeal

Self-appointed gatekeepers of India's Kashmir policy are one of the biggest threats to peace and stability in the region

Muslim women reclaiming spiritual Islam via masjids

Jharkhand’s groundbreaking women-only mosque challenges traditional gender roles, empowering women in Islamic leadership

Peril of singular narrative: Examining impact on Kashmir’s history, politics

Dominance of a single narrative in Kashmir has overshadowed diverse perspectives and contributed to the perpetuation of biased portrayals

Why UCC drafting committee should collaborate with Saudi Arabia

Experts drafting UCC could collaborate with Saudi authorities documenting Hadith so that the UCC debate is not lost in the binary of Hindu-Muslim politics

Case for a Uniform Civil Code in India

Reforms of personal laws have been resisted by misogynistic, medieval mentalities, male ulemas and power-hungry elite Muslim pressure groups

Why Sabrina Siddiqui failed as a journalist at White House press conference

Siddiqui's online abuse is utterly condemnable. But as a journalist, scrutiny is warranted. Her loaded question raised concerns for valid reasons. And no, tracing ancestry to Sir Syed Ahmed Khan doesn't make you an expert on India or her well-wisher

Pakistan’s migrant outflow crisis a lesson for Indian Muslims

Around 300 Pakistani nationals – many from Pakistan-occupied-Kashmir (PoK) – drowned after an overcrowded Libyan boat sank off the Greece coast last week. The Pakistani embassy in Athens identified 12 nationals who escaped drowning, out of the hundreds on the boat. But the numbers are higher. For years, Pakistanis have been migrating to Europe for […]

BJP’s stance towards Indian Muslims has evolved

What signifies BJP's change of stance towards Muslim minorities?

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