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Dussehra and the resurgence of cultural diversity in Kashmir

Dussehra, or Vijayadashami, stands as a prominent Hindu festival celebrated not only in India but also across South Asia. It graces us on the tenth day of Navaratri, a nine-night festivity devoted to the revered Hindu goddess Durga. The timing of Dussehra varies each year, usually falling in either September or October, aligned with the […]

The landmark October tribal raid that sealed Kashmir’s fate with India

The fall season in October serves as a poignant reminder of the origins of the fabricated “Kashmir dispute.” It rekindles memories of the immense destruction caused by Pakistan, not only within the Indian subcontinent through its involvement in Muslim politics in India but also through the partition – one of the most violent and catastrophic […]

India’s turn to learn from Israel how to combat disinformation warfare

In an era dominated by rapid technological advancements and global interconnectedness, the nature of warfare has evolved. While traditional military conflicts still exist, a new form of warfare has emerged in recent years: disinformation warfare. This subtle, information-based form of aggression leverages the power of the internet and social media to manipulate, deceive, and sow […]

Challenges to critical thinking in Muslim world

On October 6, Hamas launched an unprecedented and unexpected assault on Israel, launching rockets, demolishing border fences, and killing hundreds of innocent Israeli civilians. In response, the Israeli military pounded Hamas facilities in Gaza with airstrikes. This escalation has led to casualties and extensive damage to vital infrastructure on both sides. Tragically, the death toll […]

Unmasking Kashmir’s conflict industry

Striking at the root causes that sustain conflict industry is essential to achieve lasting peace and stability in J&K.

Unmasking Kashmir’s conflict industry

The arrest of Sheikh Adil Mushtaq, a DSP in Jammu and Kashmir Police on in Srinagar came as a shock this month. He has been charged with corruption and destroying evidence. His arrest followed a dramatic incident in which he attempted to escape from his house by jumping out of a window and after allegedly […]

Kashmiri women breaking glass ceiling in sports

Kashmiris have come a long way since the 1990s when sports infrastructure and industry took a hit due to the Islamic Jihad

Waqf boards in India should learn from reforms in J&K

J&K Waqf Board plans to appoint degree holders as Imams

Kashmiris won’t let anti-India disinformation go unchecked

Arshia Malik recounts how pro-India voices like her & her journalist husband were hounded & suppressed in Kashmir

Significance of Miss World’s tour to revitalised Kashmir

Having a beauty queen hold a press briefing in Kashmir is like a huge slap to the Islamist forces who dominated the political, economic, religious, and social scene for a long time.

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