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Arindam Mukherjee is a geopolitical analyst and the author of JourneyDog Tales, The Puppeteer, and A Matter of Greed.

Africa coups offer valuable lessons for India

There is between what is happening in Africa and India

Who is behind coup in Gabon?

A few weeks after Niger, it is the turn of yet another central African country under France-led Communauté Financière Africaine (CFA) or African Financial Community – Gabon, to experience a coup. Early on Wednesday morning, soldiers in uniform appeared on the Gabonese national TV to announce the cancellation of August 24 elections, and the dissolution […]

Prigozhin’s death: Isolated event or part of bigger equation?

Is Putin behind Prigozhin’s death? Is it a result of Moscow’s quid pro quo with the US? Or the crash was actually an accident?

Coming of Afro-Eurasian destabilization

The US appears poised to exploit destabilization across Europe, Asia, and Africa once again

USA’s strategic drubbing in Ukraine could pose challenge for India

After its strategic defeat in Ukraine, Washington is looking to pit India against China

Niger coup: What is at stake for the West

The military coup in Niger threatens similar episodes in others West African nations suffering from France’s neo-colonialism policies

The Power of Chaos: How Soros and other service nomads thrive in turmoil

The orchestrated chaos unfolds through skillful manipulation of psychology, finance, and security. It thrives in the realm of modern gulags, encompassing the fluidity of today's financial systems and the mastery of narrative control in the vast cyberspace.

Was NATO’s Vilnius Summit about distributing Ukraine’s territory?

As Ukraine's counteroffensive struggles, Western corporations have moved in to ensure Ukrainian assets are in their control when the nation falls.

France’s problems have been created by globalists-politician nexus

Uncontrolled immigration and the erosion of cultural identity pose a critical threat to the concept of nation-states in a globalised world

Did Putin mismanage Prigozhin affair?

Putin is not the bare-bodied bear-riding wild leader of a lawless land. He is, at his core, a bureaucrat with the constitution of a chess player

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