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Arindam Mukherjee is a geopolitical analyst and the author of JourneyDog Tales, The Puppeteer, and A Matter of Greed.

Izyum Counteroffensive And Ukraine Updates 

There was a sudden scramble of big proportions a few days ago among the Ukraine watchers: Russian special operations forces had retreated! It so happened that the Ukrainian forces organised a counteroffensive and they pushed the Russian forces out from Izyum and a couple of important points in the Kharkov Oblast.   The Russians defending the region […]

Pakistan Has Changed Its Game; But For How Long?

While geological tectonic shifts happen over millions of years, geopolitical shifts – especially nowadays – happen over months; and sometimes over weeks! Pakistan remains the best example of that. It is an extra that, any shift in crucial geography like Pakistan affects the different geopolitical equations in the south and central Asia. CPEC issues are […]

Global Multipolarity And BJP’s Domestic Ineptitude

There is a social media post that I put up about a year ago. It was a morphed picture of Vladimir Putin in a medieval crown. My footnote was: About a hundred years from now, when the dust settles on the first few decades of the twenty-first century, people might manage to dispassionately examine the […]

US Cannot Win In Eurasia, But It Can Sabotage

Has it ever occurred to you what could be the US’s possible end-game in the present scenario?

Would Turkish Trajectory To Neo-Ottomanism Work?

Analysts over the world have been watching the recent rise of Turkey with extreme interest. It made a certain kind of sense when experts like Brzezinski or Friedman predicted Turkey’s rise as a regional power. But that kind of sense that builds itself up around forecasts printed on the pages of a book usually gets […]

Gossips From Ukraine

  I know this column has been focussing too much on Ukraine off-late at the cost of other conflict theatres (like Taiwan for example), but to its defence, intel and information about Ukraine – both the interesting and the highly interesting types – keep flowing in with no signs of ebbing. And in this flow […]

The Tragedy Called Afghanistan

  As the world waltzed through 20th century riding high on tech progress and application, there was a general concurrence among most of the political thinkers of those times that geopolitics would be redundant by the end of the century. After all, flying bombers and missiles did make geography fairly passé in the different theatres of […]

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