AN 94: Deadly Russian Rifle Used To Kill Moosewala

| Updated: 31 May, 2022 6:49 pm IST


DELHI/CHANDIGARH: Investigation into the sensational daylight killing of Punjabi actor and singer Sidhu Moosewala has revealed the use of highly sophisticated guns.

Gangsters who murdered Moosewala in Mansa district on Sunday were armed with lethal AN (Avtomat Nikonova) 94 assault rifles used by Russian forces for over two decades. This gun has the capacity to fire 600 rounds in a minute. If put in the burst mode, this weapon can fire 1800 rounds with 900 meters per second bullet speed.

Post mortem report of Moosewala has revealed that he had sustained 24 bullet wounds and was shot in the head from a very close range. Killers had fired 30 bullets and some of the bullets had ricocheted after hitting the walls.

Moosewala was murdered in a busy residential area and the way bullets were fired, it could have caused mayhem to the passersby and bystanders. Luckily nobody was hurt.

It appears gangsters owing allegiance to Lawrence Bishnoi, Kala Jathedi and Goldy Brar, now based in Canada, had gone into the minutest of details to murder Moosewala, who they held responsible for the murder of Vicky Middukhera.

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DGP Punjab VK Bhawra during his press briefing has confirmed that Moosewala’s manager Shaganpreet was involved in the murder of Vicky. Bishnoi, who is lodged in the high-security Tihar prison, is a Law graduate and had studied in Sanawar. Bishnoi was thirsting to take revenge for his friend Middukhera’s murder.

Sources said killers knew Moosewala moved in fast cars and even owned a bulletproof car. They wanted a weapon with rapid firing capacity and also a weapon that could pierce the thick windshields. They procured AN-94 and it’s being probed as to how they got hold of this lethal gun that’s been used by Russian forces since 1997.

The moment they read in the newspapers that the Punjab Government had downgraded Moosewala’s security they decided to hit. They had carried out a detailed recce of the area. They had also factored in where CCTV coverage wasn’t available. They knew the exact route that Moosewala took.

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Two vehicles (Toyota Corolla and Bolero) tailed him. Moosewala was on the wheels of his Mahindra Thar and the moment he entered an area where there was no CCTV coverage, two vehicles blocked his SUV while armed criminals were following him in Corolla and Bolero. Before he could react, people sitting in the four vehicles jumped out and opened firing.

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They used an AN 94 assault rifle to pierce the windshield of his vehicle. There were 17 bullet marks and all the bullets hit Moosewala. He must have died on the spot, sources told The New Indian.

Investigators have recovered the empty shells fired from AN 94 and other weapons too. Killers were armed with 3 different types of weapons and fired from all three to assassinate Moosewala.

Meanwhile, several teams of Punjab Police are scouring through the length and breadth of adjoining states to nab the killers involved in the crime.

SIT constituted by the DGP Punjab has rounded up suspects who are being questioned. Joint teams of Punjab Police and Uttarakhand Police had picked up seven persons from a hideout. One of them is said to be directly involved in the murder of Moosewala.

In a related development, Punjab Government has replaced the current Additional Director General of Police (Law & Order). Ishwar Singh has been brought back as the new ADGP Law & Order. Sources say a major shakeup is on the cards in the hierarchy of the Punjab Police.

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