57 Days: Avg Time Taken To Probe Rape Cases In Rajasthan

| Updated: 02 August, 2022 1:38 am IST

JAIPUR: Rajasthan Police appeared to have increased their efficiency when it comes to investigating a crime against women. According to recently published data, the time taken in investigating cases related to atrocities on women has come down to 57 days.

But what will surprise many is that the data showed that 48.60 per cent of cases of crime against women were found to be false after investigation.

According to the report given by the Crime and Criminal Tracking Network and System (CCTNS) Board of Rajasthan Police, on average 435 days were taken for investigation in rape cases in the year 2017.

The time was reduced to 211 days in the year 2018, 140 days in the year 2019, 117 days in the year 2020 and 86 days in the year 2021. Now the focus is on reducing this research time further.

In the year 2022, till the month of June, a total of 23,432 cases of crimes against women including 1892 cases of POCSO were registered. Out of 23,432 till June, 48.60 per cent of cases were found to be false after investigation.

The number of cases registered through court interference is said to be continuously decreasing according to Rajasthan Police. In the year 2020, 18 per cent were registered through court interference and in the year 2021, 16.7 per cent of cases were registered through the court.

Whereas in the year 2022 till the month of June, there was a further decrease in the cases registered and only 10.7 per cent of cases were registered through the court.

Rajasthan Police Crime Branch analyzed the data of cases of rape and Protection of Children from Sexual Offences (POCSO) Act cases, in which it became clear that in 90 per cent of the rape cases the accused and the victim were known to each other, out of which in 47 per cent of the cases the accused and the victim were neighbours or residents of the same village or colony.

In the cases of rape, 36 per cent rapes were conducted at the residence of the victim and 11 per cent at the residence of the accused.

Rajasthan police claimed that the state is now in a better position than before in the prevention of cases of atrocities against women at the national level.

From the analysis of the crimes in 2020, it is clear that in the cases of total women atrocities, a decrease of 16.8 per cent was found in Rajasthan while 8.34 per cent at the national level.

A Special Investigation Unit for Crimes Against Women has been constituted in all 41 police districts of the state for quality research and effective supervision in the year 2019. An additional Superintendent of Police has been appointed as the officer-in-charge of these district-level units.

Women Self Defense Centers have been launched in all the districts of the state from January 1, 2020, to make women and girls self-reliant in difficult situations. At these centres, women are being trained by master trainers at their 16 places for self-defence.

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