50K troops, choppers, mobile PS, safe houses & 5K cameras for G20 Summit

Delhi Police plays a crucial role as the coordinator for security

NEW DELHI | Updated: 08 September, 2023 2:06 pm IST
Security personnel have been deployed around Bharat Mandapam.

NEW DELHI: Security agencies have laid out an elaborate to keep the nefarious designs of India’s enemies at bay during the gathering of top world leaders for the G20 Summit over the weekend.

The summit venue, the India Trade Promotion Organisation (ITPO) complex (Bharat Mandapam) at Pragati Maidan has been transformed into a fortress. Helicopters are on standby, with Air Force fighter jets stationed at strategic locations across the national capital. Four helipads have been prepared at various central locations in Delhi.

Delhi Police as well as Central armed forces like the Central Reserve Police Force (CRPF), the Central Industrial Security Force (CISF), the Indian Army and the Air Force, National Security Guard (NSG), and Special Protection Group (SPG) are responsible for ensuring fool-proof security of foreign dignitaries during their movement in the city.

With seven layers of security, approximately 10,000 security personnel have been deployed around Bharat Mandapam. This venue has been subdivided into 17 zones and 23 sectors, each overseen by officers at the deputy commissioner of police (DCP) level.

Roads in and around the New Delhi district, especially those leading to Pragati Maidan, have already been sealed off.

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Around 1,000 CCTV cameras have been strategically placed in and around the main venue, with a dedicated command room overseeing activities on campus around the clock. Interestingly, this command room is entirely staffed by 150 female personnel from the Delhi Police.

Two emergency helipads have been established to evacuate guests from the main venue if needed. In anticipation of any emergencies or attacks, 100 critical locations have been identified at the venue and safe houses have been set up to protect guests.

Beyond securing the primary meeting venue, security personnel are responsible for ensuring the safety of guests during their hotel stays and travels within the city. Over 50,000 security personnel will be on duty around the clock in Delhi. Specialized teams are also deployed to counteract chemical, biological, radiation, and nuclear (CBRN) threats during the summit.

Among the layers of security, the Delhi Police play a pivotal role as the primary nodal force overseeing overall security arrangements.

In preparation for the G20 Summit, the Delhi Police has installed an additional 5,000 CCTV cameras throughout New Delhi districts. These cameras maintain constant surveillance from hotels to meeting venues, with their command center based at the Delhi Police headquarters.

The Delhi Police have conducted approximately 25 mock drills and 20 VVIP route rehearsals for guests traveling between hotels and meeting venues.

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Strategically positioned mobile police station vans, manned by five police personnel including one female officer, patrol key locations near guest hotels and meeting venues. These vans offer immediate assistance to guests in distress.

Delhi Police’s logistic vehicle Vikrant and SWAT (Special Weapon And Technique) vehicles have already been stationed at specific locations within Delhi.

Given that many guests will be visiting Rajghat (Gandhi Samadhi), multiple security arrangements have been made. Since Rajghat is situated near the Yamuna River, Delhi Police personnel have also conducted patrols along the riverbanks, with a heightened state of alert near the Yamuna River.


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