हाथरस| शराब, सत्संग व साज़िश? Hathras A Conspiracy? कौन लाया था दारू? नशे से हुई मौत?I

| Updated: 07 July, 2024 1:28 pm IST

HATHRAS: In Navipur village, 23 km from Fulrai, a stampede during Bhole Baba’s satsang tragically claimed 121 lives. Eyewitnesses, including survivor Pushpa Devi, described how intoxicated attendees from Etah deliberately incited the stampede. Despite warnings, Pushpa’s sister Asha, driven by the crowd’s frenzy, tragically lost her life. The incident has sparked questions about event security and organizer oversight, highlighting the devastating consequences when such gatherings are marred by irresponsible behavior and inadequate crowd control measures.


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