हाथरस खुलासा| भोले बाबा ने मिर्गी दौरो के इलाज का वादा किया, दादी ख़ुद को ना बचा सकी|Suraj Pal Singh

| Updated: 07 July, 2024 1:30 pm IST

HATHRAS: In a small village near Hathras, a grandmother’s unwavering faith in Bhole Baba’s mystical powers ended in tragedy. She believed that Bhole Baba could heal her six-year-old grandson’s fits. Desperate for a miracle, she took him to a satsang in Hathras, hoping for divine intervention. The satsang, however, turned into a nightmare as the deadly the stampede broke out. Amid the chaos, the grandmother lost her life. Fortunately, her grandson was saved by a kind stranger who carried him on his shoulders and rescued him from the deadly crush.

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