Chandrayaan 3 celebration

EXC| Space station, manned moon, Mars missions in pipeline: ISpA chief

NEW DELHI: The Indian Space Conclave 2023, orchestrated by the Indian Space Association (ISpA), has commenced its second edition with a mission to elevate collaboration, stimulate innovation, and nurture strategic alliances within the swiftly evolving space sector. Unfolding from October 9 to 11, this three-day event attracted prominent figures from both the British and French […]

Saree, Science, and Spirit: ISRO’s women pioneers embrace identity and excellence

With Kumkum on the forehead, Mangalsutra in the necks, wearing Sarees, and Kangans on their wrists are ISRO scientists celebrating after Chandrayaan3Landing on the Moon

After Nagrikta, Khazanchi, parents name kids Chandrayaan, Luna, Chandra

Three boys and a girl, who were born in the Kendrapara district hospital in Odisha on Wednesday were given their names – Chandrayaan

India’s moon success belongs to humanity: PM Modi

India’s success shows such stellar achievements are in well within the grasp of the countries of the Global South

WATCH | ‘I reached my destination and you too!’ : Chandrayaan-3

“‘I Reached My Destination, and So Did You!’ – Chandrayaan-3”


“Humans of Chandrayaan-3” captures the celebration and excitement on the significant day of the mission.