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Rahul’s Cambridge outing: Another dud from Gandhi scion

His topic of choice was "Learning to listen in the 21st century", which is ironic given that the leader refuses to listen to the voice of the people and analyse the reasons behind Congress' continual electoral downfall.

Times when BBC hurt India after it gained independence from UK

With BBC continuing to penetrate the Indian vernacular digital space, it is even more necessary that the Indian government keeps a hawk eye on its editorial and financial activities. There is enough proof to justify such skepticism.

What is Article 356?

Article 356 empowers the President to withdraw to the Union the executive and legislative powers of any state “if he/she is satisfied that a situation has arisen in which the government of the state cannot be carried on in accordance with the provisions of the Constitution”. According to the provisions of Article 356, President’s Rule […]

No attack on Pandits, RSS chief meant ‘Scholar’, Sunil Ambekar clarifies

A news agency later clarified that the error occurred because of wrong translation of Bhagwat's statement as he was speaking in Marathi.

India can’t be mute spectator to ‘historic’ DOJ lawsuit against Google, say Indian IT experts

India needs to take serious note of the ‘historic’ lawsuit filed by the US Department of Justice against Google, says Indian IT experts. Two years after Google came under scrutiny for influencing the US elections, on January 24 the United States Justice Department (DOJ) along with states including New York, California, Colorado and Virginia filed […]

Bombshells who ‘catwalked’ with Rahul Gandhi in Bharat Jodo Yatra

A collection of show-stopper moments from #bharatjodoyatra. Rahul Gandhi stuck to his white T-shirt and unkempt bearded look through his countrywide march. He was flanked by gorgeous women for a good part of the journey. A look at what brought these beauties to the yatra.

US-Europe NRI darling SRK urges Russians to watch Pathaan

The amalgamation of geo-political and cultural factors has opened up a new opportunity for Indian filmmakers in Russia. Will SRK be able to crack this market just like he won over the US-Europe Box Office?

Brij Bhushan to step aside till probe over: Anurag Thakur on WFI sexual harassment scandal

An oversight committee will have to submit its report within 4 weeks. The name of the members of this committee is likely to be announced on Saturday.

Reckless religious tourism in India needs to be checked

We must not downplay the reckless nature in which religious tourism is being pushed in ecologically sensitive regions of the country

TNI View: Mohan Bhagwat’s comments on LGBTQ community deserve applause

Bhagwat is not catering to the wear-your-sexuality-on-your-sleeves brigade for whom sexuality is not merely a proclivity but a political stand. So, who is the RSS chief's audience when he talks about LGBTQ rights and what is its significance?

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