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Do you know the MP who first proposed Bharat bill?…..This brilliant Bhojpuri actor

NEW DELHI: The ‘Bharat vs India’ controversy may have stirred a debate in the country with politicians from various parties both backing and opposing it. But do you know who was the first MP to raise this demand to amend the constitution? It was Gorakhpur’s BJP MP Ravi Kishan who tabled a private member’s bill […]

G20 in India: Animal cruelty at Delhi airports caught on cam; pet groups blame MCD

NEW DELHI:  A slew of incidents involving cruelty to stray dogs, who were dragged by their neck with wires in Delhi at Airport Terminal 2 this week by the Municipal Corporation of Delhi (MCD) in the wake of G20 preparations, have triggered protests by animal welfare groups in India. Several organizations including Maneka Gandhi’s People for […]

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