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Gangster-Politician Ansari dies of heart attack; Family alleges poisoning

Ansari's family alleges that he was poisoned in prison, claiming that he had been given poisonous substances in his food on multiple occasions, including March 19.

Varun Gandhi’s emotional letter to Pilibhit constituents

The letter came after Jitin Prasada, who replaced Varun, filed his nomination papers for the upcoming general polls. In the heartfelt letter, Varun referred to himself as "Pilibhit ka beta" (son of Pilibhit), emphasising his deep connection with the constituency.

Mahtab’s move from BJD to BJP may shift Odisha politics

Mahtab's joining  BJP could provide a significant boost to the party's prospects in Odisha. As a seasoned politician with a strong track record and grassroots connections, Mahtab's inclusion may attract support from voters, particularly in key constituencies.

Security boosted around PM’s residence over AAP protest plans

Amid AAP's planned protest, announcements were made outside the Patel Chowk Metro station, informing protestors about the imposed Section 144 and the need to disperse promptly. The intensified security measures coincide with AAP's intended demonstration, expressing dissatisfaction over Kejriwal's arrest in a liquor policy case.

Congress leader sparks controversy with offensive remarks about Kangana Ranaut

"If a young man gets a ticket, his ideology is attacked. If a young woman gets a ticket, her sexuality is attacked. Strange!! Also, Congress people are sexualizing a small town’s name. Mandi is being used in sexual context everywhere, just because it has a young woman candidate, shame on Congress people for displaying sexist tendencies."

Censorship issues for Hooda’s ‘Swatantrya Veer Savarkar’ before release?

If the Marathi version is delayed, it will result in a big loss of revenue. Unfortunately, the film has already missed out on the advantage of advance booking due to the delay.

Lallantop’s Editor criticised for calling historian ‘koi Vikram’

In his response, Vikram Sampath underscored his stance by stating, "Sorry @saurabhtop - no 'micro pressure group' to write about Gyan Vapi history by 'koi Vikram Sampath'...if presenting history as it is, is identity politics & pressure, then so be it."

AAP’s Kuldeep| Son of Driver With Sweeper’s Son| New Indian Reporter’s Father Runs Truck In Kannauj

WATCH*: *Incredible tale of similar emotions — By an IIMC alumnus **The New Indian ** correspondent Rohan Deva, finds Lok Sabha candidature of Kuldeep, whose father is a sweeper, by @AamAadmiParty supremo Arvind Kejriwal similar to his own story in Kannauj. The New Indian reporter, an alumnus of  is a son of a truck driver […]

Kejriwal disputes Shah’s claim on CAA’s safety implications

"The implementation of CAA will make the country unsafe, and create a law-and-order situation," Kejriwal asserted. He also condemned the allocation of taxpayers' funds to minorities from other nations, deeming it unacceptable.

Congress hit as national secretary Ajay Kapoor joins BJP

Bihar BJP in-charge Vinod Tawde included Bihar Congress co-in-charge Ajay Kapoor. He said this one plus one becomes eleven! And due to being co-in-charge of Bihar Congress for so many years, the BJP will benefit from it.

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