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On New Year 2027, could an Indian be the UN secretary-general?

Mr. Modi has invested a large amount of time and energy to travel the world, visiting a very wide array of countries across the globe. If he retains power, he could personally influence many of them to vote for an Indian nominee.

More than 370, J&K statehood was important—and that’s coming back

A gentleman who used to be an editor asked me why I hadn’t written `an obit for 370’ after the Supreme Court’s orders. It’s frustrating to hear that sort of thing from well-informed people. For, of all the constitutional changes concerning Jammu and Kashmir, making Article 370 of India’s constitution non-operational was the least important. […]

Biden shot Western Europe in the foot through his Ukraine war

As the war in Ukraine peters out, Russia remains stable and relatively strong, while Western Europe has taken an economic beating. Its largest economy, Germany’s, has contracted, and inflation is biting populations across the continent. The US, the main driver of this war-fighting Russia to the last Ukrainian, as some wits put it—has emerged quite […]

J&K, as elsewhere, food maps out who `we’ are

While certain dishes are emblematic of specific communities, they also serve as bridges, fostering cross-cultural appreciation.

J&K gets an incorruptible, laser-focused DGP—for the moment

Notably, Swain remains the Special DG heading CID, SIA, and other centralised investigating operations, in addition to being in charge of the entire force as DGP.

Cynicism about `legacy’ media undermines Israel’s narrative

The release of two US hostages from Gaza last Friday marked the first step in a nascent process of negotiations. Some Israelis have been released since. These releases were in exchange for humanitarian aid going into Gaza—something the Israeli government had initially ruled out completely. It indicates that we are on the road to gradually […]

Global power play tests Israel’s gambit on chessboard

One name you are unlikely to see in the deluge of information and disinformation on what’s happening in and around Israel/Palestine is China. While Russia may occasionally come into focus concerning Syria, and references to ‘the global South’ emerge from time to time, as evident in the public statement made by South African President Cyril […]

G-20 Declaration projects startling vision of digitalised world

Author David Devadas decodes Delhi G-20 Declaration

Western quibbles about G-20 smack of white supremacy

Reading the G-20 Leaders’ Declaration (issued at their annual summit last weekend) alongside the carping of several Western analysts makes one feels like Alice in Wonderland. Read in its entirety, the long and detailed Declaration shows a great deal of thought, inputs, and negotiations. Different lines in many of the paragraphs seem to reflect the […]

Shah Rukh’s ‘Jawan’ raises voice of oppressed

For many, ‘Jawan’ is an indictment of the state of the nation over the past few years

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