Author: Bimal Prasad Mohapatra

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New trend in Amritkaal: GE2024 semi-final – key takeaways

Recently, the elections to five state assemblies were held, and the results were announced. Many political pundits branded this as a Semi-Final to GE2024 as they did in 2018 when all these five states had their assembly elections. The striking outcome of the 2023 five-state elections is: that all the political parties that won this […]

It’s Introspection, Course Correction Time For Indian Intellectuals

For Indian intellectuals and their fraternity in civil society, it is time for in-depth self-introspection of their past and ongoing omission and commission, and to go for long due course correction. We, ordinary Indians, humbly and sincerely hope you, major stakeholders in the country’s all-round development story, won’t fail to recognize your foolishness anymore. India […]

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