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WATCH | Calls for FREXIT Gain Momentum in France

An anti-government rally demanding FREXIT (France’s exit from the European Union) was organized by members of Les Patriotes in the heart of Paris on Sunday. The New Indian Editor, Aarti Tikoo, interviews rally participants to understand their expectations from the government and their grievances with the Macron administration.

WATCH | The New Indian Editor in Conversation with Le Monde journalist on France Riots

In this engaging interview, Bruno Philip, Le Monde’s Asia Editor, provides valuable insights into the impact of the killing of Nahel and the ensuing riots on the politics of France. Watch this thought-provoking discussion with TNI Editor Aarti Tikoo to gain a nuanced perspective on the complex challenges facing France today.  

Off Limits EP03 ft. Neha Bhat | $exu@lity, Trauma, Therapy, LGBT, Indian Marriage | Aarti Tikoo

Neha Bhat, a licensed $ex and Trauma Therapist who practices psychotherapy through an art-based approach in both India and the USA, joins Aarti Tikoo in this thought-provoking episode of Off Limits. Together, they delve into the shifting dynamics of the Indian family system, addressing topics such as the controversy surrounding gender identity, the state of […]

Off Limits EP02 ft. Manu Joseph | Writer, Serious Men, Decoupled | Aarti Tikoo

Manu Joseph, a literary rockstar 🖋️, dominates the writer’s Hall of Fame 🏆 ! Watch this episode where he opens up to Aarti Tikoo about his childhood, influences, career and shares insights on left liberalism, indian politics & culture and more!

REASON Ep.40 Ft. Prof O. Nyamdavaa, Former Ambassador of Mongolia | Exclusive With Aarti Tikoo

Professor O. Nyamdavaa, a distinguished academic and former ambassador of Mongolia to India, provides a comprehensive analysis of the historical Indo-Mongolia relations, delving into their roots that extend as far back as 10,000 years, as posited by certain experts.

Off Limits EP02 ft. Manu Joseph | Aarti Tikoo [Teaser]

Manu Joseph, an acclaimed author, screenwriter, and columnist, offers a rare insight into his mind in a candid interview with TNI Editor-in-Chief Aarti Tikoo. He opens up about his personal background, reflects on his career journey, and shares his insightful perspectives on significant matters that shape public life.

WATCH | Union minister Nitin Gadkari inspects Dwarka Expressway as it nears completion

The highly anticipated Dwarka Expressway is set to transform commuting experiences with its impressive features and connectivity options. Built at a staggering cost of 10,000 crores, this 8-lane elevated grade expressway promises to redefine travel in the region. Road Minister Nitin Gadkari conducted an inspection today, of the ongoing construction work on the Dwarka Expressway. […]

WATCH | This Top Sikh Cop is also a very affectionate poet, Listen to him

Introducing IPS Tajender Singh Luthra, a remarkable individual with an equal passion for both pens and knives. With an impressive career as a 1991-batch IPS officer, Luthra currently holds the prestigious position of Special Commissioner to Delhi Police. However, this distinguished Sikh cop possesses a hidden talent as an affectionate poet. Recently, he unveiled his […]

WATCH | Bageshwar Baba: BJP netas make a beeline to meet Dhirendra Shastri in Bihar

BJP leaders have been making visits to meet the head priest of Bageshwar Dham, who is currently on a visit to Bihar. Notably, on the night of May 16th, a program was organized exclusively for VVIPs, attracting the attention of Union State Minister Ashwini Choubey, who made a midnight visit to meet the revered Baba. […]

REASON Ep. 38 Ft. Chanchalapathi Dasa, VP ISKCON Bangalore | With Aarti Tikoo

In an interview with Editor-in-Chief Aarti Tikoo, Chanchalapathi Dasa, who holds the position of Vice President at #iskcon #bangalore , delves into the workings and obstacles encountered by the organization. The conversation also touches upon the concept of consciousness and its pertinence in contemporary times. Chanchalapathi observes that technological advancements and progress has made it […]

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