Nitish Kumar’s gift to society now threatens PM Modi, HM Shah

IAS officer murderer Anand Mohan has now threatened to “switch off” PM Modi and home minister Shah

SAHARSA | Updated: 04 June, 2023 12:01 pm IST
Anand Mohan addressing a public meeting in Saharsa on Saturday.

SAHARSA: Controversial Bihar strongman Anand Mohan Singh, who was recently released from jail by the Nitish Kumar government in the murder case of an IAS officer, has resurfaced in the political arena with a vengeance – issuing random threats to his opponents.

Since his release on April 27, Mohan has embarked on a mission to fulfill what many think he could have promised to CM Kumar in lieu of early release: consolidating votes of the Rajput community in favour of the ruling Grand Alliance government.

For weeks now, he has been holding small public meetings in several districts to mobilise support for his ‘mega rally’ planned in Patna in November this year. A buoyant Mohan uses these gatherings to openly threaten his political opponents.

At such a rally in Saharsa, he launched a fiery rhetoric against Prime Minister Narendra Modi and home minister Amit Shah – vowing to silence them with a metaphorical switch.

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“Everyone knows who is genuine and who is fake; the public is well aware. I have come to reveal the character of BJP… Things are being controlled (in Bihar) from New Delhi. But this time, I will switch you off, Modi and Shah,” he threatened.

Although Mohan’s wife and son are associated with the Rashtriya Janata Dal (RJD), he himself remains unaffiliated with any party at the moment. However, speculations are rife that he will soon join the Janata Dal (United) to repay chief minister Nitish Kumar for securing his release from jail.

His upcoming rally in Patna is seen as a platform for Mohan to demonstrate his political strength, with the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) likely to be his primary target.

Notably, Mohan also took a dig at the media during the event, emphasizing his commitment to remain true to himself regardless of what is written. He stressed that neither criticism turns someone into a monster nor praise makes one a god.

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Mohan’s release from prison came after a long legal battle surrounding the murder of G Krishnaiah, the then district magistrate of Gopalganj in 1994. Krishnaiah was dragged from his vehicle, stoned, and shot dead by a mob led by Mohan, who sought retribution for what he perceived as a lack of action regarding the murder of one of his close associates. Mohan was initially sentenced to death in 2007, a ruling later commuted to life imprisonment by the Patna High Court in 2008.

The controversial circumstances surrounding Mohan’s release have drawn significant attention, as the Nitish Kumar government dropped the “murder of a public servant on duty” clause from the list of cases for which remission of jail term cannot be considered.


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